About the Album

This 6 track album is an exploration of the Mantra Sat Naam Simran, performed 40x per breath, as an original recording and various Remixes. Originally inspired as a counterpart to Wahe Guru 40x, this mantra works perfectly as a predecessor and is based on the rhythm, speed and breathing given by Dr. Levry for the mantra. This recording is an excellent meditation to work with a mala, 4 repetitions of Sat Nam per beat. The Mantra Sat Naam balances the 5 Tattuas (elements) and brings one clarity. 

About the Artist:

Chris Merrill is founder of Practical Naam, a production company whose music division creates beautiful original music tracks and practical teaching aides such as specific tracks for yoga, meditation, breathwork and prayer. As a yogi, performing artist, teacher and music producer, Chris combines these talents to create teacher and practitioner driven tools that are relevant, musically interesting and practical.  

Practical Naam has released 19 albums from 8 different series', each dedicated to a specific aspect of Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga, and Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. Each track is specifically designed to meet a need in the repertoire of a teacher or student, and details such as track purpose, track use, tempo, track length, breath, repetitions, and more are taken into account to create a truly useful and practical tool for teaching, for practicing and authentic spiritual growth.

Track List

TRACK 1. Sat Nam 40x This track is a simple, chanting focused version of the mantra which is great for those who want to practice. 

TRACK 2. Sat Nam 40x (80's Remix)This track is similar to the title track with different instrumentation, including more synth Pads, and some additional vocals.   From the first time we created it we just loved the Synths that feel straight out of the 80's and some of the electronic feeling harkening to the 90s

TRACK 3. Sat Nam 40x (Atmos Remix)This track was based on the feeling of deep meditation that accompanies the practice of this mantra. The whole piece has a deep, muted, underwater feel, including some whale calls.

TRACK 4. Sat Nam 40x InstrumentalBased on the Atmos Remix this is a deep and profound instrumental track that can be used for Rest, Relaxation, Driving and Breathwork. 

TRACK 5. Sat Nam 40x Whales and ChordsThis beautiful track removes all instrumentation except the whale sounds and the Chords, and is a deeply introspective, moving track for stillness meditation, rest (savasana), manifestation and visualization. The absence of percussion makes it a great track for healing work and setting a peaceful frequency in a healing room or in a spa. It is timeless and transcends the limits of consciousness.

TRACK 6. Sat Nam 40x Acapella 11 Min A pure vocal only track for doing this mantra rhythmically. This 5 minute track is perfect for practice with a Mala, and is part of a practice of 2 meditations to overcome the body of pain and for spiritual growth. 

Sat Naam Simran is the 3rd Album of the Naam Devotion Series and is the 18th Album released by Chris Merrill under the Practical Naam Music Production Label. 

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