Get ready to star as the award winning director of your own mind! Naam Affirmation Mapping is designed to help you masterfully navigate your personal word-thought real estate to reel in what matters most to you in this life. By mapping your words daily, you are investing positively in your future to get the best “bang for your buck” out of life, using your own mental prowess.

This course isn’t just about being positive! Together we will uproot unconscious, autopilot thinking, and “loose words” whose lack of clarity and direction confuse the universe and trip up our destiny. In turn we can resurrect superior, purposeful affirmations that breathe tremendous movement into our lives. By working with
Naam Affirmation Mapping, you are flexing your mental muscles of creation to shape your life the way you imagine it to be.

The bottom line is, w
e get what we are, therefore, it is to our own advantage to be fully aware of the impact our words and thoughts are having on our life experience. Best of all, this course is a group experience, a safe space for sharing personal results and motivating the collective.

NOTE: This workshop is an online fundraising event for our 501(c)3
Giving Naam. 100% of proceeds support our global initiatives focused on improving lives and health with Naam practices.

What's Included:

How to strategically pre-map any situation, any event, and each day with your words 

Naam Affirmation Mapping digital booklet that can be used over and over again for any area of your life (download included in the course curriculum)

∙ Blueprint of the best times to affirm to get the greatest breakthroughs in life

A two-fold approach that helps you release words and thoughts that have outstayed their welcome and replace with something superior

A safe and creative space for sharing the results of your personal Naam Affirmation Mapping with others 

How to set and reach specific goals with Naam Affirmation Mapping 

How to protect your life from negativity and external forces with preplanned word mapping

Four 90-minute livestream sessions + replay
Tuesdays May 7, 14, 21 and 28 at 6-7:30pm PDT

Week One: Identifying Your Personal Niche
  1. Selecting your first Naam Affirmation Mapping niche: health, prosperity, relationship, career, etc.
  2. Why the universe loves clarity and why we need to get clear with our words
  3. Automatic thoughts versus original, purposeful, conscious thoughts that you choose to choose!
  4. How to identify and challenge self-sabotaging thoughts and words and resurrect something superior in their place
  5. Helpful techniques for cleaning the subconscious mind
  6. Finding the light in the duality of the mind
  7. Introduction to the best times for affirming
  8. Naam Affirmation Mapping field experience-real-life applications, all which will be fun and most of all, rewarding!

Week Two: Gaining Intel and Getting Clarity
  1. Group shares personal field experience from week one
  2. Short term goals vs long term goals vs I need a miracle now!
  3. Refining your Naam Affirmation Mapping niche with even more precise wording
  4. Why goals find repetition “simply irresistible”
  5. How to believe in the unbelievable in the process of manifestation
  6. How one well-crafted Naam Affirmation can open the flood gates to a multitude of blessings in your life
  7. Field experience applications

Week Three: Deep into the Heart of the “Word Matter”
  1. Group shares how their niche goals have actually changed/refined due to greater clarity 
  2. Individuals share resistance thoughts in their niche and how they were able to challenge those thoughts and resurrect something superior in their place
  3. More intricate tips and techniques on the best ways and best times to affirm
  4. How to hold an internal Naam Affirmation Mapping space that allows for the healing or betterment of another person
  5. Defying gravity-manifesting the “unmanifestable” in your life
  6. Light ritual to cause the light of the mind to disperse all clouds in your life
  7. Naam Affirmation Mapping field experience exercises

Week Four: Accelerated Manifesting + Rinse and Repeat!
  1. Group shares culmination of results from their Naam Affirmation Mapping field experiences
  2. Marking the evolution of our progress from week one
  3. Accelerating the obtainment of your goals with specific NAAM (Neuro Activating Advanced Meditation) applications
  4. Review of optimal times for effective affirmations for manifestation
  5. Additional NAAM tips and tools, based on personal needs and requests from participants
  6. How to continue to use Naam Affirmation Mapping to improve other areas of your life

Early Registration Bonus: the first 10 people to enroll will receive a free personalized Naam Affirmation Mapping session with Anna

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100% of the proceeds from this course support the global mission of Giving Naam, our 503(c)3 committed to improving lives and health through Naam practices.

About Anna Hurtgen

Anna Hurtgen is a researcher, writer and editor of ancient yogic wisdom, having helped to write and publish over ten books dedicated to self-healing through mantra, meditation and ancient eastern and western mystery schools. She began her career in the United States Navy as a translator specializing in Homeland Security. She holds a BS in History and Arabic. After experiencing profound relief from health challenges through the practices of Naam Technology and the Harmonyum healing, Anna has dedicated her time to sharing these disciplines with others in need, through extensive writing, sessions, and trainings.