Work with the natural cycles of the moon

Join Alyssa Gaustad for these special Naam rituals each month that are timed to the New and Full Moon phases.

In modern life we can become quite separated from nature. By connecting with cycles of the natural world, in this case the planetary phases of the moon, we can harmonize with its power and tap into our own. This understanding allows us to partner with nature instead of fighting its wisdom and influence. These tools can help us improve our lives.

What to expect: Breathwork, meditation, and sound vibration guided by senior Naam teacher Alyssa Gaustad. Each ritual will have a theme that works with specific areas of life that are relevant for that month and timely concepts tied to our human experience.

New Moon Rituals

The New Moon marks the beginning of a period when the universe is on your side for manifesting and bringing new things into your life. Initiates throughout the ages have recognized the power of the waxing moon and its applications for health, prosperity and success.

You can apply this knowledge by using the two-week period when the moon grows from zero visibility to complete fullness to take action, launch projects, start a job, or embark on any new beginnings. This is a time when the moon's energy supports growth and expansion.

Full Moon Rituals

As the Moon's brilliance begins to wane over the course of two weeks, these rituals will help you usher in a profound and transformative cycle.

During this time it's common to feel a sense of loss, which can sometimes bring out a desire to hang on, force, or grasp. It can feel uncomfortable and heavy.

However, when we understand the energy behind this moon phase we can see it as our friend, and a natural cycle to lean on while we release, clear out, prepare and cleanse.
Nature teaches us that life is a series of cycles. Just like the trees that grow leaves only to shed them, and the moon that waxes and wanes, we too must embrace the highs and lows of our journey.

The waning moon offers an ideal time for preparation, meditation, introspection, and releasing items and patterns that no longer serve you. Tune in to this energy and work with it.

"The Moon is the great magnet of nature, exerting a magnetic influence upon this planet many times more powerful than that of all other planets put together."

- Dr. Levry, Lifting The Veil


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